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Barney Miller Agar (B02-125)

Product Description:
Barney Miller Agar
Barney Miller Agar is used for the detection and enumeration of beer spoilage microorganisms such as Lactobacillus and Pediococcus spp. This medium was developed by Barney, Kot, and Chicoye at the Miller Brewing Company to detect the presence of lactic acid bacteria. This group of organisms is extremely tolerant to the inhospitable conditions that are a direct result of the brewing process. Tomato Juice Extract, Dipeptone and Beef Extract provide nitrogenous sources, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins to optimize bacterial growth. Maltose and Dextrose are the fermentable carbohydrates. Potassium Acetate and L-Malic Acid make the medium selective and L-Cystein, HCl serves as reducing agent and growth stimulant. The detergent Tween 80 acts as surfactant.