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CLED Agar, Bevis is recommended for the cultivation and detection of urinary pathogens. CLED Agar (Cystine-Lactose-Electrolyte-Deficient) was first formulated by Sandys and later modified by Mackey and Sand. Its low content in electrolytes prevents the swarming of Proteus spp. L-Cystine promotes the formation of dwarf colonies. Pancreatic Digest of Gelatin, Casein Digest Peptone, and Beef Extract supply nitrogenous sources, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Lactose is the fermentable carbohydrate. Bromothymol Blue is the pH indicator that shifts to yellow upon acidification of the medium due to Lactose fermentation, or to blue upon alkalinization due to L-Cysteine decarboxylation. Agar is the gelifying agent. Bevis modified CLED medium by adding Acid Fuchsin, which in combination with Bromothymol Blue improves the differentiation of microorganisms based on colony shape and color.